Visite virtuelle
International visit 2014In October 2014 and on the occasion of the training session organized by AFRIMETS (School of legal metrology), a delegation of 50 executives (Directors and inspectors) representing the legal metrology services of 40 African countries visited our manufacturing units of weighing instruments.
International visit 2016In October 2016, a delegation of executives representing the legal metrology services of several African countries visited our manufacturing units.
All well weighed
All well weighed
The informations and reproductions listed in our catalogue do not constitute any undertaking. The improvements that we constantly to our instruments do not allow us to guarantee the exact reproduction of our clichés.

Our goods are sold ex works. they travel always at consignees risks and perils. even when they are delivered free on board. All extra charges remain for the account of the client.

The term of delivery is maintained within the limit of possible. Delays do not in any case justify the cancellation of the order.

All claims for shortages, errors etc.., should be made within the eight days following the arrival of goods.

The packing and weight list given by our supplies are always at approximative title.

Every cause susceptible to slower or stop our manufactures (strike, fire, accident, etc…) or prejudicing our normal supplies is considered as a case of force majeure and relieves us from any liability as well as in the execution of orders as well as in the delay in delivery. Thus no indemnity can be claimed to us.

In the case of taking goods is postponed for an independent reason of our will, the payments remain due on the day when we would have put goods available for our clients.

Our goods are payable in our factories: the prices are the ones in force on the date of delivery.

The charges of receipt and stamp remain always on purchasers account. Every payment in delay shall be increased of the interest usually admitted in the commerce and this from the due date to the date of settlement. Also to the unpaid drafts shall be added the expenses of return, receipt etc…, and in general all relating expenses

Failure of settlement on the indicated date, we reserve to put at sight without any other notice on the clients who paying themselves would not have forwarded to us cover.

Our instruments are guaranteed twelve months against every vice of manufacture or substance. Our liability is restricted to the pure and simple replacement of parts recognized with defect without any indemnity.

The expenses of forwarding whatever may be the amount remain always for the account of our clients.

We reject every liability for the instruments which would have an irregular functioning with the receivers, this defect which originates only from a violent shock on the way or defect reassembling at arrival.

It is of the interest of consignee to examine before taking delivery whether a part is with defect or broken even with sane packing and for more good reason whether the package has sustained a damage.

Make usual notification immediately while surveying damage.

The requirements of the Department of instruments of measure for affixing the primitive mark being of the most vigorous, the holder is insured to have irreproachable instruments as for the functioning as well as sensibility.

Outside the affixing of the primitive mark the instruments should receive the mark annually.
The request in this case shall be made by the holder of the instrument directly to the service of instruments of measure.

In case of contest relating to the supply or its settlement, Sfax Commerce Court (Tunisia) is the only competent, and this whatever may be the conditions of sale or settlement accepted. Sfax Commerce Court is the only competent in case of plurality of holders.

All our conditions of sale apply for our instruments sold for export.